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A handful of programmers, designers, writers, and enthusiasts came together last year to share and explore ideas on using new technology to promote the interests of the Faith. One of the concepts that emerged was an online generator for local community websites. This wireframe is the result of our consultations on content and user interaction:.

Activities were the main focus with a big call-to-action to get involved, followed by a calendar of events and a simple contact form. A supershort introduction to the Faith, a quotation, and a feed from the national Baha'i website were sidelined.

We were encouraged to rethink the concept to be more grassroots-built, i.e. not a generic generator, so we chatted up the Baha'is of Potsdam, Germany.

Potsdam became our pilot project. We were invited for a consultation with the LSA and oh did it change our views on the initial concept. The following were noted during that meeting:

1. No resources to regularly update the website.
2. Focus should be two-fold: Presenting the community and inviting visitors to activities.
3. Only 4 core activities need to be displayed.
4. The introductory text should be down-to-earth.

So we started wireframing a page that was structured to 1. introduce the local community 2. calling visitors to action and 3. making action very simple:

The community wanted a fresh and welcoming design. We created this design and are hoping to launch it soon:

More information about the core activities is displayed in overlays. The calendar is an integration of Google Calendar. The visitors can select an activity (4 core acts. or learning more about the Faith) in the contact form.

Key Learning:
1. Keep it simple. For most local communities an introduction, activities, calendar, and contact information will be enough.
2. Consult with the an institution or community members to understand the needs.
3. Who We Are? should reflect the local not the international community. Be personal.

This is not as in-depth and analytic as it should have been. Written up in just a couple minutes. I'm sorry.
If you'd like to hear more about the process, email nzoelzer at gmail